When Can I Swim After BBL?

When Can I Swim After BBL?

After undergoing a BBL (buccal bulbectomy), it is best to avoid swimming for at least two weeks. Your doctor will discuss the recovery time with you in detail. However, once you reach six to eight weeks, you can begin to exercise normally. Avoiding swimming will decrease your risk of infection.

Getting a bathing suit after a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck may be the solution if you’ve tried exercise and dieting and still have a loose, saggy midsection. This surgery will tighten your abdominal muscles and remove excess fat, leaving you with a flat, toned midsection. It is one of the most popular body contouring procedures. The procedure involves several techniques to create a smoother, flatter midsection. Depending on the surgeon, this surgery may include liposuction as a complementary procedure.

After the procedure, you’ll have a scar. The scar will be placed on your lower abdomen, between your hip bones and pubic region. Fortunately, it’s small and will be hidden by most underwear. Moreover, the scar won’t be visible when you wear a bathing suit.

After a tummy tuck, it is possible to wear more revealing swimwear. There are several types of bikinis available. Traditional bikinis are a great choice, as are some skirted bottoms. One-piece swimsuits are also an option.

It’s essential to be careful when wearing a bathing suit after a sleeveless tummy tuck. It’s necessary to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Excessive sun exposure can permanently darken the scar. To avoid this problem, wear mineral-based sunscreen whenever you go outdoors. Make sure to reapply the sunscreen every two hours and after you sweat. High-waisted bottoms are also a great choice because they let you show off your body without showing the scar.

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