Commonly asked Questions

Most popular questions answered.
Does it hurt?
Customer comfort is important. Medical grade lidocaine is applied topically 15-30 min prior to treatment and broken skin method is topped off throughout appt every 30 min. You will feel annoying pricks and some sensitivity on the tails during the outline. Most clients say the tweezing of strays is more painful than the actual procedure.

Takes 3 hours incl paperwork and numbing time. I will show differences of density on latex to best communicate the different results available to client. Begins with before picture then shaping and measurements to ensure client is happy with shape and symmetry. All brow artists strive for uniformity but there are natural variances including hair thickness, growth, and face structure that will not change with procedure but are best adjusted. This procedure will result in a natural feather light brow in 3D crisp hairline strokes. Shape can still be dramatized with the use of makeup with ease after treatment is complete.

Nano brows have the abiltiy to heal similar to powder and if a more bold dramatic look is desired without pencil opt for this application.

Numbing and stroking commences with multiple passes to ensure a natural brow. Color is selected based on clients preference skin, undertone and current eyebrow hair color.

Nano-- combination (strokes and shading) ombré and powder brow technique can be applied to achieve a makeup brow, filled in look. Nano needle solo can be used resulting in finer more realistic longer lasting strokes.

Oily skin clients and African American skin are best suited for more of an ombré brow powder selection. Strokes tend to heal muddy or blur together on a true oily.

Cleaning and after care instructions. A 60 min touch up is required 6-8 weeks after initial treatment. This is included in price and is considered mandatory and is just as important as initial appt. Color shape and any pigment not retained can be adjusted for clients preference

Brows will appear darker and more defined immediately after treatment. You can return to work and show off new brows. Some light swelling and redness will subside a couple hrs after procedure. Healing process takes place during the next 4 weeks.

Day 1-10- keep brows dry and clean. Avoid sunbathing swimming sauna or heavy exercise that results in excessive sweating. Scabbing and itching may occur. Do not pick or apply powder in brow. Dry skin may require aquaphor twice daily as well as cleansing with cetaphil. Apply aquaphor before showering to block brows from wetness. Pigment will appear dark this will lighten 80-50%
Client thinks- OMG what did I do?! These are dark and thick!!
*if sunburn is obtained premature sloughing of the skin will occur and pigment will be lost. Results not guaranteed.

Week 2- Scabs have fallen and strokes may not be apparent or 1/2 present.
Client thinks- where did my brows go? They are all patchy!!

Week 3- Epithelial crust will slough off resulting in dandruff that may or not be noticeable. Pigment will settle under skin revealing natural light hairline strokes. Strokes that weren't present before return.
Client thinks- okay maybe they are starting to come back I can use pencil to help my new shape.

Week 4- Strokes have returned. Touch ups in two weeks
Client thinks- yay I love my brows I may want to go darker or fuller. ????

Touch up- any pigment lost will be touched up and color and density will be addressed. Everyone heals differently. After touch up, procedure is considered complete. No touch up results in a 50% completed job.

If you have an existing permanent tattoo it must be extremely faded to be considered for microblading. All clients with Existing permanent makeup or Microblading must submit a picture or have a consult prior to booking.


Classic Microblading $225- Top off One year post procedure to keep brows fresh and crisp. Recommended for lighter colors *must be my own work to qualify for discounted pricing

Nano Micropigmentation $375- Top off One year post procedure to keep brows fresh and crisp. Recommended for lighter colors *must be my own work to qualify for discounted pricing, 

How long does it last? classic 1-3 before fading out completely Nano 3-5 before fading out completely
Results  vary depending on lifestyle sun exposure exercise swimming and sunblock. Spf after healing is recommended to prevent fading. Pigment will naturally fade out on its own due to the superficial application.


DONT WAX AT LEAST 2 WEEKs BEFORE APPT- I prefer you leave your brows au natural for at least 1 month so I can see direction of growth. Waxing immediately before appointment removes top layers of skin and promotes premature shedding and retention is expected to be poor. If you arrive to appt with freshly waxed skin, appt will be rescheduled with compensation or canceled with deposit kept.

Do exfoliate your eyebrow area a couple days before your eyebrow appointment.
Do grow out your eyebrows and leave your strays so I can see the best shape for your brows.
Do bring low profile headphones if you would like to listen to music instead of your skin scraping.
Do bring pictures of yourself if you are particular to a certain shape.
Do have Botox scheduled not to intefere between 1st and 2nd appointment.

Don't arrive with a sunburn. Appointment will be canceled and deposit kept.
Don't get your eyebrows waxed at least 14 days before appointment.
Don't use retin a or peeling topicals from the bottom of the eyes and up. Must not be on ACCUTANE
Don't book if you have previous permanent makeup and have not notified me.
Don't bring me pictures of celebrities. They are not you and do not have your eyebrows or facial structure.
Don't consume caffeine Morning of does make you more sensitive
Don't consume alcohol or cough syrup night before your appointment.

Don't smoke while healing


Please purchase a PACKAGE located under shopping tab, schedule your intial appointment, AND 6-8 week touch up both at the same time to ensure availability. Your purchase of your package covers your deposit and the remaining balance will be paid at your initial appointment. 6-8 week touch up is FREE. Touch ups must be made during this time frame to remain free. You are booking for 30 min prior to booked appointment. All clients will arrive 30 min early to be considered on time for numbing and paperwork. Please plan accordingly. This also applies to touch up. * 15 min grace policy is observed anything longer than that appoinment will be rescheduled with full compensation or canceled with deposit kept. Due to high demand, clients' schedules may change between date booked and actual scheduled appointment. If there is a scheduling conflict let me know asap. I can work with getting you rescheduled and or switched with another client. If I can not do this due to late notice appt will be rescheduled with compensation or canceled and deposit kept.

Classic Microblading Total $850. $425 required as non refundable deposit due at booking to retain appointment, remaining $425 due at initial appointment, and 6-8 week touch up is FREE. Annual top offs are offered at a discounted price of $225.

Nano Micropigmentation Total $1500. $750 required as non refundable deposit due at booking to retain appointment, remaining $750 due at initial appointment, and 6-8 week touch up is FREE. 2-3 year top offs are offered at a discounted price of $375.

Consults are available and are 15 min. This is if you are unsure or have previous permanent makeup or microblading that can not be resolved with a picture before hand. I can give you a shape with a brow pencil. This will not be necessarily what they would look like mircobladed or everyone would just use a pencil :P but you can get a good idea on the shape of them. The $40 consult fee is waived if booking is made and deposit is made AT consult appt low availabitlity.