My History.

I got my cosmetology license in the high school program as a stepping stone or means to support myself through a lengthy aspiring college major of in biomedical science in 2006. I went to the University of Oklahoma and joined the military to pay for my college. I moved out of my home when I was 17 and did not have family support. I took a break from my schooling awaiting training from the military and started selling cars during a summer. The amount of money I made that summer discouraged me from returning to college and I thought I had found IT. As a 20 yo making the big bucks I did not care about working 15 hr days. That quickly changed after the birth of my son. I returned to doing hair at my first salon in Midland Euphoria in 2009. I loved working for BJ and learned alot there from my fellow mates. My husband had been layed off in the bust of 08. With a newborn and new clientele, we quickly ran out of money and I had to return to my "big girl job" at the car dealership. Moving up to management quickly and reeping the salary benefits, I stayed for six more years. Miserable and working long hours I wished for a better way. After some marital problems, I quickly realized the money I had been chasing all my life from having little means was not important. My family was everything they needed me and I was absent a lot. I got a desk job with normal hours and forfeited alot of conveniences and nice things I was accustomed to. We welcomed our Baby Girl 7 years after our first and we were beyond ecstatic. Upon my 3 mos maternity leave. The company I had been working for was making cuts and I had the choice to reduce my salary or be let go. Emotionally high on my first day back of maternity leave and dropping off that little bean. I called my husband and he asked what I was going to do. I think I'm gonna go back and do hair and take care of me again. His support was everything to me. I went back full time behind the chair with a 3 mos old infant in Jan of 2016 at Plush Salon with the help of the owner, Lindsey Navarrette. I put everything into my career. Studied, went to every class I could, devoured the internet, said yes to every client, neglected my baby, worked until 9:00 pm every night sometimes later only breaking to pee and pump breastmilk. Miserable. Three months later, April of 2016 I had a full book. I had out grown the vision and the space there. The salon did not "make me" I did and my hard work and sacrifices. I had to prove that to myself and others. My career was growing fast and I had to align my self with similar goals. I also needed private space for my anxiety and ongoing battle with OCD ha:) as well as microblading services. Marcie with MC Aesthetics was expanding and asked me to hop on board. I temporarily leased with Glow Salon, Karla was very accomodating and the people there are great, until my space was ready. Sep 2017 I had my very own salon suite and loved it. Due to expanding salon needs, I moved to the Babe Cave Dec 2018 semi private suite with 3 chairs and full time assistant looking to hire another, booked full for the year 2019 by January 2019. I'm not telling all of this to discourage you. But you can have a wild ride and succeed with work. You don't need to listen to anyone telling you this isn't a real career or putting you in a box of what you should be doing or looking like. For me the turning point in my career was treating it like one. Watering my own grass and keeping eyes forward was the best thing I ever did. I am very passionate, borderline obsessed. My path is winding in a different direction. To Teach Share and Love on others that were just as discouraged and helpless as I was, to do the same. I ended 2018 on a high note being selected by Wella Studios paid scholarship for Workshop Evolve In Toronto, Candada for my passion of learning and teaching others.

I can not wait to see what I do next!

Brain Cave History

I specialize in low maintenance color. I love hand painting and creating impactful looks with foil. I love to share everything I learn. If you don't share it you lose it. The human brain can only remember and retain so much. If I can pass my knowledge along to someone else, it won't be lost. You'll be able to reteach me later!

I strongly believe in collaboration over competition. I strive my very best to make it a mission to change someone's life for the better every SINGLE day. Sometimes I fail.

I travel all over the country and take high profile education classes. I then use that knowledge in my salon, perfect my craft by lots of editing and some mistakes. You in turn get to take immediate advantage of that perfected knowledge with my education classes and forums.

I love seeing that lightbulb go off and be forever changed as a stylist. I have alot of people to thank for my own. My classes are designed and intended to literally change that persons life. Sure you can go and take a class anywhere. Will it be hands on? Will it be demo only? Will it be a technique show and you have zero knowledge of when and why to use it. Leaving you unconfident in skills and not sure where to go from here. Unable to reach out to anyone to help.

Every single one of my classes are Hands on and LIVE Model Demo with all the where what and why's included. I further take it a step forward and support that stylist for a YEAR cultivating their skills and confidence. Brain Cave was born.

Brain Cave is my private FB forum dedicated to enrich my attendees education and byproduct career. Everything is discussed that pertains to our careers as stylists. Business, social, confidence, marketing, pricing, supplies, techniques, color theory, toning, styling. It's literally endless as our industry evolves. Lead by my peers questions, you are in the driver seat to your education. It is direct life line to me and others just like you. STRENGTH is in NUMBERS. The more we grow as a group the more we learn. Win Win. I hope to see you soon!

If you treat it like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby. Treat it like a Career and it will reward you like one.