Balayage is a technique not a 'look'

It is the free handed painting of the hair derived from the French word meaning to sweep. 

This application provides for the most seamless, lowest maintenance grow out. Due to the gentle and surface nature of this application some warm tones will be present in darker hair. If you have darker hair and expect to be much lighter or are not okay with warmth this is not the service for you.

What all is included in the service price-

First, we custom design a cut suited for your preference and face shape so we can perfect the color placement moving forward. Please come with hair freshly washed and air dried down for the best results.

Paint or lightener is applied to the surface of the hair in a sweeping motion using a paintbrush, insulated with saran wrap, and sometimes gentle heat.

Processing time once applied can vary from 20-40 min.

Shampoo, and pre tone

A gloss is applied and processed for another 20 min.

The client is then shampoo'd again, styled with our signature looks, taught how to recreate the look at home with the products we use.

We snap the perfect photo of your fresh do and check out.

Plan on 3 hours and maintenance  frequented at 8 weeks the soonest and a year the latest based on preference and budget.