How Long After BBL Can I Go Swimming?

How Long After BBL Can I Go Swimming?

Before you go swimming after your BBL, you should consult your doctor. They will discuss the recovery timeline with you. Generally, it will be at least two weeks before you can start physical activity again. You should also avoid swimming for six to eight weeks to reduce the risk of infection. Depending on the location and type of surgery, your doctor may recommend a different recovery time.

Avoiding tanning

It is crucial to avoid tanning after BBL treatments to avoid complications and hyperpigmentation. Patients are advised not to use self-tanning lotions for at least a month before treatment. Tanning increases the risk of discoloration, blistering, and other complications. It also prolongs the treatment process. Patients should discuss their concerns with their physician before receiving the treatment.

According to Carl, a 33-year-old man from Cardiff, tanning can lead to serious side effects. He became addicted to sun tanning beds and injected melatonin, a substance that cannot be used legally in the UK. The drug has been linked to eye and blood disorders and may lead to skin cancer. In Carl’s case, he had been unaware of the risks of sun tanning, which made him more likely to use the tanning beds.

Avoiding smoking

To get the best results from a Brazilian butt lift, avoiding smoking for at least six weeks before and after surgery is essential. The reason is that nicotine will prevent the fat tissue from settling down and forming a healthy blood supply. Smoking will also negatively impact oxygen flow and nutrients in the bloodstream.

In addition, cigarette smoke doubles the risk of complications, including blood clots and infection. Smoking can also affect wound healing. Furthermore, it slows down the body’s natural healing process, which is critical to the successful recovery of the procedure. Smoking also narrows the blood vessels, which decreases the amount of oxygen that reaches newly transplanted fat cells. Smoking also reduces blood flow, which slows down the healing process.

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